If you are fed up with loud festivals and crowds,
But you do like good music and want to taste the World;
If you wish to relax and unwind, but do not want to be bored;
If you are bored with songs they keep broadcasting over and over
And you want to hear new voices;
If you just want to feel good with nice people
At a beautiful place by the Lake Balaton…

Babel Sound is not an event. Babel Sound is a BRAND.

It’s a name that guarantees quality, new discoveries, good music and great variety for those devoted to sophisticated music. Babel Sound invites the audience into the world of world music, joy, dance and gastronomy. Babel Sound is organised in new premises, in a new form and with new ideas every year.

The experience of the years spent in music life, the organisation of a whole series of festivals and events, and the current state of society, called our attention to an important circumstance: that surrounded by loud festivals, events and lifestyle advertisements, the absence of real social events is more and more noticeable. This was the basic thought lying behind the Babel Sound interactive world music event, which takes the form of a camp, or a festival, or a cultural event, or a series of concerts from year to hear. The aim, however, remains the same: to create a community of the artists and the audience, and to bring together people with different cultural backgrounds.

Babel Sound is an event for people who prefer a more homely, intimate, environment-conscious way of entertainment in our accelerating world. We create a „festival” that embodies a vision, and that envisages a future in which a summer music event offers entertainment, relaxation and cultural programs, retaining a balance with the environment. With this arrangement we plan to offer an opportunity for guests who prefer a quieter entertainment or who would like to take part in the event with their little children.

The structure of the program focuses on special social events (music and dance workshops, dance events, discussions, jam sessions) and scenes, and on the formulation of new bands rather than on presenting big international names. As a result of this, the festival has only three music stages in the traditional sense, but besides these numerous smaller installations and concept-premises await the audience.

Hungarian (formal)English (United Kingdom)


A Bábel Sound Fesztivál
a Nemzeti Kulturális Alap
támogatásával jön létre.