Love good music? Would like to taste the World? Wish to unwind and discover new voices? Or just want to feel good in a great company at a beautiful place by the Lake Balaton…

A place
where various cultures blend and are reborn

A meeting point for musicians,
dancers and other artists from around the world

A festival
with real interaction between the audience and the performer

A family event
where all generations can discover several nations’ dances, musical instruments and arts

A gastronomic experience
where you can taste the world


Babel Sound is a world music event and an artist residency, that aims to be the interactive meeting point for various cultures and various branches of art.

Artists get a real opportunity to get in touch with each other and with their audience.

Unlike in traditional music festivals, performers spend several days or even each day of the festival with us.

They build bridges: professional and cultural relationships.

We create an environment that encourages creative co-operation, play and personal encounter.

The artists performing in Babel Sound are true representatives of their countries and nationalities.

Their mission is to present and pass on their cultural heritage and deepen the mutual respect for each other through arts.



22 July 2010-19 August 2010 CONCERT SERIES Balatonlelle 20 concerts
5 November 2010 -06 November 2010 FESTIVAL Budapest 12 concerts
16 July 2011-24 July 2011 FESTIVAL Fonyódliget 120 concerts
17 July 2012-22 July 2012 FESTIVAL Balatonlelle 54 concerts
18 May 2012-14 December 2012 CONCERT SERIES Kaposvár 6 concerts
19 July 2013-21 July 2013 FESTIVAL Balatonlelle 12 concerts
18 July 2014-20 July 2014 FESTIVAL Balatonlelle 18 concerts
4 Februar 2016-26 July 2016 CONCERT SERIES Budapest 40 concerts
19 July 2016-24 July 2016 FESTIVAL Balatonboglár 80 concerts
19 July 2016-26 July 2016 FESTIVAL Budapest 8 concerts
17 July 2017-23 July 2017 FESTIVAL Balatonboglár 34 concerts
16 July 2017-22 July 2018 FESTIVAL Balatonboglár 70 concerts
15 July 2017-21 July 2019 FESTIVAL Balatonboglár 79 concerts


Artists get a real opportunity to get in touch with each other and with their audience in the festival. Unlike in traditional music festivals, performers stay longer than the single day of their concert. They spend several days or even each day of the festival with us. They build bridges: professional and cultural relationships. Beside the concerts they get closer to us during workshops, masterclasses, jam sessions everyday conversation.

Babel Sound is a big family gathering for creative people who know the world or are curious to know it.


Cultural mission and CD release

Traditions, cross border artistic coooperations

The mission of Babel Sound is to generate long term professional relations between artists coming from different countries of the world. These relations create new bands, new formations or projects, new pieces of arts.

The project ‘Songs of the Inner Heart’ is a beautiful example: a special fusion of literature and music which was created with the spirit of intercultural collaboration and tolerance. The Egyptian ney player Mohammed Antar and the Israeli singer Tal ben Ari met in 2012 at Babel Sound festival. Their collaboration resulted in the adaptation of the poems of the Muslim poet Muḥyiddin Ibn al-Arabi and the Jewish poet Abraham Ibn Ezra. With the contribution of the Sirian singer Rabeea Anka the piece was presented in April 2015 at the New London Synagogue in England. In 2016 Babel Sound Festival brought this project to Balatonboglár and to Budapest, joined by several other musicians such as the Egyiptian Bassim Waddie, the Russian Dmitry Globa-Mikhailenko, the Indian Akash Bhatt, and the Polish Bogusz Wekka.

As an imprint of the experiences gathered during the festivals Narrator Records, the record label of Babel Sound Festival releases each year some of the festival-born formations on CD -this way producing an abiding form of the common pieces of arts (Ethnómada / Hungarian-Spanish, Naked feat. Amir Gwirtzman / Serbian-Israeli), and several bands returned later to our studio for recording their album (Oi Dipnoi (ITA) Amariszi (NL), Shama Rahman (GB), Maria Keck & de Cobre (ESP), Amir Gwirtzman (ISR), Naked (SRB)).

International relations

We’re continously building our international relations by attending Europe’s important trade fairs and cultural events (Babel MED, WOMEX, Fira Mediterrania etc.). Culture is an important part of our life, and keeping in touch with embassies and cultural institutes enables us to actively contribute to the presentation of different cultures. We consider as an acknowledgment of our work on this field that several countries’ ambassador or cultural attaché (Spain, Indonesia, Israel, India, Italy) already honoured us by visiting a Babel Sound event.


Our artists came to Babel Sound from these countries

Algeria USA Argentine
Austria Belgium Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bulgaria Brazil Burkina Faso
Chile China Czech Republic
Egypt Ivory Coast France
Ghana Greece Guinea
Netherlands Iceland India
Indonesia Ireland Israel
Columbia Cuba Poland
Hungary Morocco Mongolia
United Kingdom Italy Armenia
Portugal Russia Spain
Senegal Serbia Slovakia
Slovenia Turkey Tunisia
Venezuela Zimbabwe